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Keeping the body active is extremely important for your well being, both physically and mentally. That’s why for the second issue of Unbiased, we wanted to share with you, one of our favorite places to go for Bikram Yoga. Yoga Herald Square is New York City’s premier and largest yoga school. Conveniently located in Herald Square. They’ve designed the space to give you the best possible environment for your yoga practice and to make your overall experience the best it can be- from the moment you walk through the door.

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Mat and Towels: Their mats are made using closed cell technology and are PVC/latex free. They’re also the only Bikram Yoga School in New York City to use a high-pressure, hot water mat wash station.

High-tech Fresh Air System: They’re really proud of their highly advanced heating and fresh air system. It maintains a consistent 105 degrees with 40% humidity. While monitoring the oxygen level in the studio it automatically controls the amount of fresh air coming in ensuring the room is always fully oxygenated.

Hypoallergenic Studio Flooring: Their studio flooring was built with closed cell technology. Germs, bacteria and odor cannot penetrate the surface. It’s slip resistant, stain resistant, and 100% waterproof–it’s also firm and extremely comfortable.


Locker Rooms: Spacious changing rooms have large lockers for all your belongings and multiple showers with plenty of hot water. Their exclusive partnership with Malin+Goetz keeps them stocked with quality skin care amenities. Their natural based treatments incorporate gentle technologies for ultimate performance and are formulated for sensitive skin. Malin+Goetz is available in the locker rooms and for sale in their shop.

Retail and Lobby: The lobby was designed with a large area where you can relax before and after class. they believe fellowship and community are part of a healthy life. All of the wood used in the studio is reclaimed from old barns in Kentucky. WiFi is complimentary.

Juice: Refresh with organic, fresh pressed, unpasteurized, raw and locally produced juices, called Squeeze. These juices guarantee to send you into class with energy and pick you up after final savasana with a smile. Surprisingly delicious, these juices can have an immediate significant impact on hydration, performance, hormonal balance, weight loss.

Benefits: The heated room provides the following

Keeps body from overheating

Protects the muscles for deeper stretching

Detoxes the body by opening pores to allow toxin removal

Clears the circulatory system

Teachers: Yoga Herald Square has experienced, motivating and friendly teachers to inspire you in your daily practice. Their teachers come from various backgrounds in health, fitness and the arts. Each has been certified by Bikram Choudhury to teach Bikram Yoga.



Gregory Weglarski, co-founder of Yoga Herald Square, began his yoga journey after graduating from Pratt Institute where he received a Bachelor of Architecture degree. For five years in college he worked tremendously hard at his studies. He graduated at the top of his Architecture class, but the price he paid was in his health and well-being. He left Architecture school in daily chronic back pain and depression. Gregory was working full time as an architect, designing and managing the construction of new ground up residential buildings in Brooklyn, but deep down he knew this was not what he wanted to do and his back pain was not getting any better. Soon enough, he discovered yoga. Gregory’s mother, Elizabeth, introduced him to Bikram Yoga, and after a month of daily practice his back pain was gone and he finally knew what it meant to be happy again. It was at that point that Gregory realized his mission was to help spread the amazing benefits of this practice in healing your mind and body. Yoga Herald Square was created to provide a space where you can heal yourself—a place where you can learn to love yourself so that you can love others.

Aside from currently teaching in New York, Gregory has also taught in Denmark, Sweden, and in California. He has served on staff at the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Los Angeles in Spring of 2011, and has also been competing in the Yoga Competition representing New York for the past three years.



Elizabeth Weglarska, co-founder Yoga Herald Square, began practicing Bikram Yoga as a result of suffering from restricted motion in her cervical spine. Holding a Master’s Degree in interior architecture, Elizabeth has had many achievements as a construction project manager during her 20-year career in New York City. After becoming a teacher Elizabeth stayed in California practicing and teaching. She was mentored by world-renowned master yoga teacher Lynn Whitlow. Her dream of opening a yoga studio began in 2011, a passion she shared with her son Gregory. Both have poured years of knowledge, skill and training into designing and constructing the Yoga Herald Square studio. Their intense labor has resulted in the achievement of their dream with a space with an ambience that has roots from Poland and is environmentally friendly– using old reclaimed wood for most decoration and reception desk–at convenient location in the center of Manhattan. Elizabeth wanted to share the never-ending physical and mental benefits of practicing Bikram Yoga.

BEND AND STRETCHState-Of-The-Art Sustainable Studio

Address:139 West 35 Street Floor 8, New York, NY 10123

Telephone: (917) 940-8935


Opening Date: December 16, 2012

Director: Greg Weglarski

Partner: Elizabeth Weglarska

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