Jesus Curia - MOdus Gallery

The artist has been showing his interest in ethnic cultures, focusing on the issue of age and transition. The work of Jesus Curia shows a clearly defined and one of a kind visual language. Mostly it is the working technique, which have allowed him to create and preserve an unique signature. Tradition, modernity, and ethnics remains the three basic aspects in his artworks. Jesus Curia is always capable to catch the essence and capture it in his art piece. The body is the focal point in each of the sculptures. It is the subject of artist’s study and research, the object that allows him to show his ideas and ideals. The men and women of Jesus Curia are private yet powerful characters. Through them, we can distinguish an existential research and a mysterious loneliness. Deeply viewing the sculptures, we can finally discover that these ancient characters tend easily to reflect our daily thoughts on modern world.